"I'd Like A Natural Sexy Body, Please?"

Here are our tips & tricks on maintaining a glowing body all the time!

The secret to youthful skin: Injections are not the answer, nor are fads for Bee or Snake Venom creams, or using expensive brands of skincare which offer little nutritional benefting ingredients (which are effective anyway!). Here are some simple things you can do to make you feel super sexy:

  • Always use Natural Oils, WHY: Natural Oils provide 100% protection to the main source of cell ageing ‘free radicals’ they also carry with them the most potent vitamins and minerals, reaching areas that creams simply don’t. Creams are only best for fast hydration or 'sealing' oils within the dermis layers. Oils provide the dense nutritional components to tackle collagen loss and elasticity.
  • Cleaning the skin is so important. We highly recommend avoiding the new idea of micellar or salicylic acid cleansers, these are just synthetic or full of harsh chemicals which peel away the top layer of the skin too early, which may look great for that day but it’s a fast road to potential skin cell damage, i.e. skin cancers or premature ageing of the skin. Even if you suffer from ingrained dirt or excess oil, all that will happen is your skin will produce more oil or dry up like a prune. Take our Cleanser or Face Wash and add a little natural oil, mix together (adding warm water if a face wash to create a lather) … this will take off all the makeup, oil and dirt without irritating the skin cells.
  • Exfoliating just 1-2 times a month and be careful with what you use, forget machines you use at home or creams with beads, oats, or particles, they are too abrasive in one area and not enough in another. The Konjac Sponge is a perfect way to take the right amount of dead skin off the surface.
  • Sagging skin: avoid heavy creams, so no shear butter type products as this gives more pull to gravity, think of a feather slowly dropping to the floor then add some cream on it and wow it drops like a stone, so you want feather like cream and better still oils which absorb into the skin thus no weight at all.
  • Excerise i know, duh! However, exercise can cause inflammation (which is a free radical) so post-gym or yoga apply our body oil to elivate inflammation and boost the bodies recovery.

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